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Attention!The new cases in Beijing, Changshu, Dalian and Hangzhou may be related to clothing imported from South Korea!

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Apr. 07, 2022


April 4, according to the "Beijing Chaoyang" public account, as of 7 o 'clock April 4five more people in Chaoyang district tested positive for COVID-19, all of them employees and roommates of wangjing SOHO Xiaojinge Clothing Store, which specializes in South Korean clothing.

According to the Shunyi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the early morning of April 4, a new nucleic acid test positive person in Shunyi district, wangjing SOHO Xiaojingege clothing store specializing in Korean clothing, now living in Jiaogezhuang village, Nanfaxin Town, Shunyi District. Four close contacts in Shunyi have been identified and nucleic acid tests are negative at present.


On April 2, Changshu, Jiangsu province, reported a confirmed case of Yang, reported on March 28. After repeated flow and testing, four samples of the Korean hoocoats buy from online in his closet tested positive, while nucleic acid test results of other environmental, close contact, sub-close contact and general contacts were all negative. Combined with domestic cases related to imported South Korean clothing, it was analyzed that this case was related to online shopping of South Korean clothing.


Dalian, Liaoning, April 2-- The genetic sequence of an Omicron variant (BA.2 evolutionary branch) was reported to be a new positive case in Dalian, Liaoning province on April 1, which is different from the source of the virus strain imported from China or abroad. The positive case, a shop assistant operating south Korean imported clothing, was tested positive for single gene of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid on the inner surface of the south Korean imported clothing and its packaging bag. The possibility of infection due to contact with imported objects contaminated with the Novel Coronavirus cannot be ruled out, the circular said.


It is also worth mentioning that two new confirmed cases were reported in Hangzhou on March 5. The second case was a shop assistant at the New Hangzhou Fashion Shop in Sijiqing Street, Shangcheng District. Media reports said that the infected person had been in contact with imported clothes from South Korea.


On March 6, an asymptomatic infected person was found in Kaihua County, Quzhou, Zhejiang province. The asymptomatic infected person said that he had purchased Goods from Hangzhou Sijiqing on March 1, mainly Korean clothing and European clothing.

According to the Central Epidemic Control Headquarters on 4th of April , 127,190 new COVID-19 cases were reported in South Korea between midnight and 24:00 On April 3, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 14,001,406. An additional 1054 patients were hospitalized, and 1,108 were in critical condition. A total of 218 deaths were reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 17,453.

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