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Daily Cleaning And Maintenance Skills Of Bedding

Dec. 11, 2020

Daily Cleaning And Maintenance Skills Of Bedding

 The custom bedding set Fabric manufacturer shares this article with you.

1.The key points that should be paid attention to when washing and maintaining various fabric products:

1)When washing, please do not use bleach, do not use high temperature hot water, use warm water and cold water.

2)When washing dark bedding, the soaking time should not exceed 10 minutes. Do not wash locally, rub in a large area, and do not mix and wash with other light-colored fabrics.

3)The bedding should be washed clean when changing seasons, and stored in a dry place after drying.

2. Before washing and maintaining bedding, check the washing label of each product.

1)Real silk or silk cotton fabric products

[Washing] Dry cleaning is the best way. If the washing label indicates that it can be washed with water, please add an appropriate amount of neutral soap or silk wool to the warm water and wait for the soap to melt. After the water temperature cools, immerse the product and gently Rub and wash. After washing thoroughly, roll it in a towel to squeeze out excessive moisture. Then wipe the flat material along the seam of the fabric, and dry it in a place with air circulation and no direct sunlight. This is very necessary to maintain the vividness of the silk fabric.

bedding fabric

[Storage] The first point of keeping silk fabrics is clean and dry. Because silk is an animal protein fiber, if it is not cleaned and dried sufficiently, it will easily cause moth-eaten, yellowing or weaving. It is even better if you put a moisture absorbent in the storage area. In addition, when storing white silk products, do not put mothballs or put them in camphor wood boxes, otherwise they will turn yellow. It can be stored in a dark blue cloth with good color fastness to avoid yellowing.

2)All cotton products

Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can be washed with soap or other weak alkaline detergents. Before washing, it can be soaked in water for a few minutes, but not too long to avoid color damage. Generally, the washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, and it is advisable to wash the reverse side: if there are decorations, please remove the decorations and wash them. Do not soak cotton fabrics with sweat stains in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots. Wring dry after each rinse , And then rinse again to improve washing efficiency. It should be dried on the reverse side in a ventilated and cool place, and not exposed to the sun to avoid discoloration. Light-colored and dark-colored fabrics should be stored separately to prevent shading and yellowing.

3)Cotton and linen fabric products

Hemp fiber is hard and has poor cohesion, and is softer than cotton fabric when washing.



(1) When using, a coat should be added to protect the quilt, and it should be dried once every 1-2 weeks.

(2) For daily use, just keep the quilt flat and fluffy after getting up in the morning.

(3) Avoid friction between the duvet and hard objects, so as not to fray, and to break the fabric and cause the down to overflow.

[Cleaning] Duvets can generally be cleaned, please refer to the washing label on the product for details. But it is not recommended to clean, because it will slightly reduce the bulkiness of the down, and affect the anti-fleece performance of the fangrong treatment fabric of the duvet, which may cause slight drilling of down.

【Storage】Before long-term storage, you need to dry it for 2-3 hours. After taking it back, you should pat the surface dust and shake the quilt up and down. After the quilt is cool, it should be folded and stored. The storage place should be kept dry.

【Polyester fiber quilt】wash with neutral detergent or soapy water. Wash with a weak turn of the washing machine and hang to dry. It can be dried in the sun regularly.

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