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Factors that Determine the Price of Fabric

Aug. 24, 2020

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the factors that influence the fabric price. Although it is difficult to know whether the fabric price of the partner is reasonable or not from the surface, the fabric pricing is based on evidence. We can make a general judgment on the factors that are related to the fabric pricing in the fabric production process. Here comes the point!What are the factors that affect fabric price? Bedding fabric supplier to share with you:

Grey reason

A. Grey fabric is different because of looms

Including weave cloth, rapier loom weaving cloth, air-jet loom weaving cloth, the three, there are shuttle machine do because there will be relatively more park, so the lowest price, than rapier looms weave cloth, park has decreased, so the price slightly tall, air-jet loom to yarn request also is higher, so the production of air-jet loom cloth, is the best, the highest price.

In short, the more complicated the manufacturing process, the more difficult the fabric is.As for the weaving difficulty, in the three primary structures, for example, cotton 40* 32/150 *78 *63 "(1/1) is difficult to weave, if it is satin, it is less difficult to weave, if it is 2/1 twill, it is more difficult to weave.Difficulty coefficient arrangement: 1/1 >, 2/1 >, 2/2 >, 3/1 > and 5/3 satin weave, thus we can know the price difference of fabric with different organizational structure.

B. Different yarns

Comb and comb, comb than comb cloth surface clean, dry clear, and cloth strength is better.

Dyeing printing processing dyeing cost difference

Different dyeing factories have different unit prices for dyeing and printing fabrics, so why are the dyeing costs different?

First, the size of dyeing factories is different. Generally speaking, large dyeing factories with standardized management will be higher than small factories, which is of course the living space of small factories.

Second, each dyeing factory's technical level, the process is different, of course, a high level dyeing factory dyeing fee will be a little higher, the cloth out of the quality, from the gloss of the cloth, the physical standards of the cloth, is also improved.

Third, influence the dyeing fee, as well as a dye, is now manufacturing dyes, dye house choice of dye is good, chemical index of the fabric will be better, now we require fabric environmental protection, especially the export of fabrics, all need to detect any chemical composition is not up to standard, so the environmental protection performance is high, can ensure that government or testing requirements, dyeing fee will be high, on the other hand, tend to be more low.Dye, of course, in the absence of contrast, light is not visible to the naked eye.So in dyeing fee this piece, there are 0.2-1.5 yuan between.

Bedding Fabric Supplier

Bedding Fabric Supplier

The difference between tax and non-tax

Generally speaking, like the market, cash transactions more, used to report tax price, and the company to make orders, will tend to report the price of tax, tax does not include tax can be 3-10 percentage points, of course, this is different according to the situation of each enterprise.

The way of packing is different from the freight

The way of packing, there is usually a piece pack and roll pack, piece pack will be a little bit cheaper.Freight is not included in the quotation of some of our suppliers, while some of them are included in the delivery freight. In this way, there will be some differences. Therefore, if you have a general understanding without a detailed look, you will feel a little different.

The difference in supplier profits

For customers with large amount of purchase and general requirements, the profit will be relatively low, while for customers with small amount and refinement, the profit will be relatively high.

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