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How to Choose the Best Lining Fabric

Feb. 26, 2021

What is pocket lining fabric

Lining fabric refers to a group of materials inserted into a variety of clothing, from skirts and shorts to dresses, jackets and coats. Such fabrics can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, ranging from pure to opaque.The purpose of lining fabric is to make your garment more wearable, long-lasting and comfortable.

 100% cotton pocketing fabric

Kinds of pocketing fabric

There are many different kinds of linings. From the cheapest and most commonly used polyester lining to satin, acetate or knitted fabrics, and even the precious silk used in fashion. In my opinion, there are no specific provisions. It all depends on your budget, your project build and its purpose. For example, don't hesitate to use fur or wool as a lining for winter coats. It can help you give your body to your coat and keep you warm. Silk is always a good choice: it's soft, beautiful and a natural fiber.


Tips for choosing the best lining

The following three factors determine your choice of lining fabric

1. Colour of the outer fabric - usually, you need a fabric that matches the color of the outer fabric, otherwise, the color of the whole dress may be distorted. If it's not possible, choose dark (light will highlight). Sometimes choose a contrast effect for a particular color. When buying lining fabric, please bring the outer fabric and compare the two fabrics in the sun or white light.

2. Purpose of the clothing

1>Summer clothing, such as fragile dress, skirt, pants: please choose cotton lining for cotton clothing (lawn, tulle, or Batiste) and silk lining for silk clothing (habotai, chiffon, satin, crepe). Viscose and rayon lining are also good choices.

2>Evening dress, skirt, velvet, and brocade jacket: match with Chinese silk, silk satin, crepe, or taffeta.

3>Suit jacket and pants: try viscose, brass, or Bemberg lining; silk is also a good choice.

4>Knitwear: choose elastic linings, such as a jacket or knitted fabric.

5>Fall and winter coats: for warmth, please consider wool, fake fur, Sherpas, or sewing lining; for decoration, please try to use silk or acetate lining.

3. Compatibility with the outer fabric - this is the most important. The weight of the lining fabric shall be equal to or slightly less than that of the outer fabric. Choose fabrics that are firmly woven. The maintenance of the outer fabric and lining should be the same. Check the wash care label to ensure that the lining should be light, thin and smooth so that you don't have difficulty putting on and taking off your clothes.


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