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Knowledge of Bedding Fabrics

Jul. 06, 2020

Bedding Fabrics

Nowadays, the four-piece suit is not only available in a few simple colors as before. The variety of styles of bedding fabrics in the mall is dazzling and dazzling. How to choose has become a big problem. Let's take a look at how to choose bedding fabrics with the bedding fabric manufacturer:

1. Worsted cotton, best without additives

As the name implies, worsted spinning is the use of high-quality cotton raw materials in spinning, spinning a yarn with high twist and few hairiness.

Worsted products have a lighter and thinner hand, denser texture, better wet fastness, and wear resistance, so the price is also higher.

2. Fast warm fabrics stand warm velvet to accompany you to spend a good time in winter

Standing warm velvet is the new first fast warming sleep fabric, using Lenzing environmentally friendly fibers. Experiments have shown that after contacting the skin with standing warm velvet, the warming sensation instantly increases by 3 times, helping the body to fall asleep more easily and quickly status.

3. Pure cotton velvet will make your bed a "little sun"

The strong diamond honeycomb heat storage structure of pure cotton velvet can greatly improve the single-hole volume heat exchange efficiency of the heat storage body, efficiently store a large amount of still air, effectively block the flow of air, and leave every inch of warmth in the bed. Let the bed warm up a warm little sun.

4. Tribute satin fabric, enjoy royal luxury

Satin fabric, also known as satin fabric, is a kind of fabric with a more complicated weaving process. Because of its good quality characteristics, it is named as a "tribute" tribute emperor.

Fabric characteristics: soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity, good breathability, smooth fabric and good feel, costly craftsmanship.

5. Brushed printed fabric with different touch

The process of grinding a layer of short and dense fluff on the surface of the fabric with a sanding roller (or belt), known as sanding, also known as sanding, can make the warp and weft yarns simultaneously produce short and dense fluff, and the velvet surface is smooth , Full-feeling, soft, velvety and soft luster.

Features: The brushed printed fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good thermal performance. When it falls asleep at night, it does not have the coldness of other cotton cloths when it comes into contact with the human body; at the same time, it has the advantages of no ball and no fade.

6. European ornaments and beautiful fabrics

The European decorative fabric adopts a new breakthrough process, the patterns and colors are bright and radiant, bringing extraordinary artistic effects and enhancing the soft environment of people's rooms.

Features: Excellent comfort and durability, while ensuring the decorativeness of the fabric, the body layer adopts brushed fabric to ensure the product's comfortable experience.

Bedding purchase points

1. Look at the fabric

Mainly look at the bed sheet, looking at the light, you can see the textile texture, the textile texture can be clearly seen, and the textile holes can be seen. The uniform cotton density is the top grade. If the textile holes are not visible, there may be more sizing, although thick but hard , This kind of washing slurry will not feel so thick, and the cloth is soft and easy to wrinkle and not form, it is not recommended.

2. Look at the feel

Hold it carefully in your hand, feel more textured, soft and thick texture, comfortable to touch, better skin-friendly is the top grade. Skin-friendly bedding will be more personal and comfortable when used.

3. Look at work

The high-quality four-piece set has exquisite workmanship, no needle holes, smooth and even cloth, fine texture, clear printing and rich gloss.

4. Look at the sign

The washing standard is marked with the product model, washing method, fabric texture, etc., and has a fixed trademark position. This is very important. Irregular products generally do not have washing standards.

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