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The Thinner The Fabric, The Worse The Quality?

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Jul. 06, 2020

A good set of bedding, the fabric is its soul!

I believe that many people will touch the fabric with their hands when choosing bedding. Sometimes they think "the fabric is so thin, the quality is definitely not good, and the use will be broken!" Is the fabric thinner the worse? ?

Faced with this problem, many people have different answers: some people think that thickness is enough, and some people feel lightness and comfort. In short, the thinness of the fabric cannot be used to judge the quality of the bedding.

Today the custom bedding set fabric manufacturer will talk to you about the thickness of the bedding fabric. The thickness and thickness of the fabric are mainly related to the following factors:

Bedding Sheet Fabric

Bedding Sheet Fabric

The yarn count density of the fabric

Yarn count: refers to the thickness of the yarn, the length of 1 gram of yarn is called yarn count. It is generally expressed in British branches. For example, if 1 gram of yarn is made 30 meters long, then it means 30 branches, or 30S. The smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, and the larger the number, the thinner the yarn, the thinner the cloth, and the softer and more comfortable the cloth.

For example: 21-count yarn fabrics are generally used for winter products, such as the most common thickened brushed, thick feel! The 40 pieces are generally used for spring and autumn bedding, and the 60 pieces are more suitable for summer! In fact, the higher the yarn weave, the higher the required raw material quality and process!

Density: refers to the total number of warp and weft yarns arranged per square inch (2.54*2.54 square centimeters). For example, 12868 is 128*68, which means that there are 128 warp yarns and 68 weft yarns within 1 square inch, and the density=128+68=196.

For example: for the same 40S fabric, the higher the density, the tighter the yarn arrangement! For example, the 14476 fabric is more delicate and thicker than the 12868 fabric. Therefore, the quality of the 14476 fabric is not a grade at all, and the price is much more expensive, at least double!

Fabric structure

The second factor that affects the thickness of the fabric is the structure of the fabric. The structure is divided into "plain, twill, and satin". Plain weave is a fabric interlaced by one warp and one weft. It is the strongest and the thinnest weave method, but Plain weave is less soft than the other two. And breathability is not as good as twill and satin, natural comfort will also be reduced.

Fabric processing

In the market, we see some good quality cotton fabrics, the gloss of the surface layer is very good, this is because of the mercerizing treatment;

If there is no mercerized cotton fabric, the surface of the yarn is hairy, and the woven fabric will certainly feel thicker, and there is no mercerized fabric, the shrinkage rate is high, and the color fastness will also be greatly reduced, affecting the use effect .

Sometimes you can't rely on intuitive feelings, the fabric feels very thin, or the name of the bedding sounds good, so you can judge the quality of it; but it depends on the raw materials, the yarn count, the density, the softness, Glossiness, craft level, printing and dyeing technology, etc.

Therefore, it cannot be said in general that the thinner the bedding sheet fabric, the worse its quality!

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