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Walf-checks Hot Selling Again? Niche Fabrics Worth Looking Forward To

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Mar. 31, 2022

Do you remember the hot selling walf-checks fabric from a while back? Falling from the sky to the bottom of the valley, the greige price from 8 RMB/meter to 5 RMB/meter that "legend" fabric, recently it has become popular again!

This time the hot selling style is full-dull walf-checks without spandex, and on the name of the difference between the last hot selling style CEY elastic walf-checks fabric is simply one a more elastic, one without a stretch, but the difference between the raw material of the two fabric is very big, the thickness is quite different, one used 75D extinction DTY, one used 180D CEY, but although there is a difference on raw material, the style of the two fabrics is very much the same.


Speaking of elasticspandex fabrics, the market in recent years is mainly elastic fabrics. Last year, both spandex and un-spandex elastic fabrics were extremely sought after by the market. But this year stretch fabrics seem not as hot as last year, why this time the un-spandex walf-checks will be more hot than the elastic, the main reason is cost. It is understood that at the same market price, the cost of elastic fabric is twice than that of non-elastic, so it is believed that textile owners are also more in favor of non-elastic walf-checks fabric.

So in recent years, the heat of the fabrics of niche fabrics in the market is very high and low season or peak season there will be a few niche fabric stand out, obviously now market or need to have niche fabric to support, since the outbreak of Covid-19 these years, conventional varieties in addition to selling bandwagon, profits are generally very low, and to avoid the raw material price is not stable, you cant keep a large number of stock up, If you're not careful, you'll lose money.


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