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What do You Care about When You Buy Clothes?

Aug. 07, 2020

Food, clothing, shelter and travel are the first things.It is difficult to associate clothing with the word harm.In fact, toxic clothing is no less harmful to human health than toxic food.Opportunities to "leave poison" can be found everywhere from the shaping of a garment to the making of a garment.Sometimes we encounter many problems in shopping, such as the smell of clothes, pungent smell, etc., we can't help but worry, what is the problem with the smell of clothes?Are these scents a health hazard? Fabric companies share this article for you.

What's the problem with clothes smelling good

Professor Zhu Zhengfeng, vice President of the Textile College of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, said that the odors mainly come from the production process of fabrics, pollution during garment processing and improper storage.However, in the industrialized production of clothing, each clothing will encounter a variety of chemical substances, such as in the textile printing, coating, chemical finishing, may use toluene, styrene, vinyl cyclohexane, phenylcycloethane, butadiene, vinyl chloride, aromatic hydrocarbon, organic volatiles and so on.The odors brought by these substances are different, and consumers can identify the source of the odor by the odor type:

A strong acid smell in the garment may be a problem with dyed fabrics and prints, while the scent of kerosene may be left in the printed paint fabrics.Clothes that smell fishy are definitely resinous fabrics, and there are also chemical odors that are hard to spot.If the clothes are improperly kept in the warehouse, as Ms. Yang's seller said, they may only have some musty smell. If there are other smells, the reason should be defective in dyeing and whole aspects.

Contamination of clothing with chemicals may cause cancer

Chemical substances in clothing manufacture have the following hazards to human health:

The first is a mild skin allergy.Some dyes excessive acid or alkali clothing is also harmful to the human body, the human skin is neutral or weak acid, if the pH value in textiles is too high or too low, will destroy the balance of the skin and resistance, causing allergies or induce infection.

More serious is formaldehyde.Formaldehyde content is higher clothes, formaldehyde can release gradually come out, can produce strong stimulation to mucous membrane of human respiratory tract and skin, light person can produce skin allergy, serious can induce tracheitis wait for disease.

The most serious, which many people do not understand, is the effect of carcinogens and environmental hormones on human health.Carcinogenic substances mainly come from dyes, such as azo dyes. If these dyes are absorbed by the skin, they may react with human secreted substances to form carcinogenic aromatic amines.There are as many as 118 internationally banned dyes;Environmental hormones are a kind of substances that are extremely harmful to human health and ecological environment. They can seriously disrupt the endocrine and development of human beings and animals and cause abnormalities in the endocrine system.Mainly used for textile preservatives, mildewproof agent, flame retardant agent, antistatic agent, plasticizer (mainly clothing plastic accessory products such as buttons, pendants, etc.).

The nose of the person can smell pollution to exceed the limit 4 times above commonly smell, the smell is bigger, the harm is bigger, but smell is less than to do not have harm to the body necessarily, because some chemical substance is odorless.So, to protect your health, it's important to buy clothes with a full range of ingredients, use, size and origin labels.

Washing clothes with warm salt water is more effective than hanging them in the sun

The simplest way to eliminate odorous smell of clothes is to soak them in warm brine: add proper amount of salt with a pot of warm water, stir evenly, and then soak the new clothes after all the salt is dissolved. After 10~20 minutes, rinse them out and dry them out with clean water.Or you can hang smelly clothes in the bathroom after you've taken a shower, close the bathroom door and let them sit for six to eight hours.If it still smells after soaking, it's best not to wear it.

To buy new clothes or no odor, especially underwear, and infant clothing, should be cleaned after wearing, because of printing and dyeing fiber (cotton, linen, viscose series) with dye mostly for reactive dyes, reactive dyes can happen hydrolysis with water, once a few dye and fiber did not react can form floating color, is that we often say clothes rub off, floating color absorbed by human body skin, also can appear allergy.

A lot of people hang clothes in ventilated place air is dried eliminate peculiar smell, such effect is not good, because chemical substance volatilizes very slowly, the volatilization of formaldehyde for example needs 3~15 years.

Clothing that is prone to excessive levels of several chemicals

In online shopping, especially when choosing infant supplies and underwear, had better choose dye, coating less plain ivory) (such as cotton, small printing design of the product is good, best can learn about the clothes before buying the label, the use of label, size label and labels, etc., so that after a comprehensive understanding of not buy clothes with quality problems.The following types of clothing generally contain chemicals that are easy to exceed the standard. Consumers must pay attention to them:

1. Easy to wear, crosslinking agent (a chemical used in wrinkle-resistant finishing) is the main source of free formaldehyde.

2. For jeans of different shades of color, formaldehyde may be used in the bleaching, dyeing and washing process.

3. Bright, printed and stiff clothes.

In addition, had better not put clothes in new plank furniture, formaldehyde in plank furniture is more, also can pollute clothings.

Pay attention to 8 items of clothing

1. In general, light colors are more environmentally friendly than dark colors.Because the fabric of light-colored clothing is less likely to be contaminated in the production process, especially for close-fitting underwear.Say from health Angle, should choose light color more.

2. You can choose unlined clothing when shopping.Suits and other products must be lined, can choose non-adhesive lining technology products.Because the lining requires glue, and glue usually contains solvents such as formaldehyde.

3. Many people like to buy foreign trade clothes, but they should be careful when buying, and do not buy back the products that have been returned for environmental reasons.

4. Clothing with green environmental protection certification is hung with disposable laser hologram anti-counterfeiting mark, which can be illuminated with laser pointer, and 10 rings can be seen from any Angle.

5. When buying clothes, you might as well smell, there is the smell of moldy smell, kerosene, fish smell, benzene smell and other peculiar smell of clothing mostly formaldehyde content exceeds bid, can not buy.

6. Try not to buy wash and wear clothes.Especially the formaldehyde allergy person, cannot wear to avoid very hot dress more.

7. Don't hang the clothes you just bought in the closet immediately. It's better to rinse them thoroughly with water before wearing them to reduce the formaldehyde content in the clothes.

8. After putting on the new clothes, if there are skin itching, contact dermatitis and other skin allergic reactions, or symptoms such as upset mood, poor diet, continuous cough, etc., you should consider whether the clothes are uncomfortable, and go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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