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What Is Pocketing Fabric?

May. 27, 2021

What Is Pocketing Fabric?

Pocketing fabric—sometimes called Silesia—is a strong, thin, and finely woven fabric that has several very common uses. It is used as the hidden part of the pocket, and is also often used as a flat lining or lining for well-made garments, which need to be a little more plump than fashionable fabrics. (For example, we always use hand-sewn pockets in the tails and skirts of tailcoats and frock coats, so that the drape effect is suitable.)

What kind of fabric is pocket cloth? Pocket cloth (English pocketing fabric) is an ordinary cloth, mostly white, and can be used as pockets, quilts, bags, and rice bags.

There are many types of pocket fabrics, and there are three main categories of pocket fabrics, namely all-chemical fiber, all-cotton and polyester-cotton pocket fabrics.

Pocket cloth pocketing fabric

The specifications of polyester-cotton pocket cloth are divided into 2 categories:

First, according to the content of polyester and cotton.

Second, classify according to the density of latitude and longitude.

These two together constitute the specifications of polyester/cotton fabrics. The price of polyester-cotton fabrics is mainly determined by the amount of cotton used. High cotton content is often the price. We classify various pocket cloths as linings. Commonly used pocket cloths are T/C45×45/65×35/96×72 and 133×72.

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