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What We Pay Attention To When Designing Custom Workwear

Dec. 01, 2020

What We Pay Attention To When Designing Custom Workwear

There are many issues to consider in custom workwear, because a good overalls not only looks decent and beautiful, but also gives people a refreshing feeling. In fact, the most important thing about work clothes is to represent the company's image. The workwear manufacturer will briefly introduce to you some things that need to be paid attention to on custom workwear.

1.How to choose workwear 

Clothing design style

Style design determines the style of uniform and is the first step in clothing design. The focus of clothing design is to distinguish the different characteristics and applicability of work clothes. The use of human body identification should comply with specific signs, signs and symbols; the style and picture of the work clothes used for functional protection, the rationality of the shape, the restrictions on the partial design of the clothing, the tightness of the clothing "three mouths" protection cannot be ignored, and the regulations are very strict; The combination of celebration costumes, styles, specific atmospheres and specific occasions is the first design requirement. Therefore, the modeling design of overalls not only constructs the style of clothing, but also limits the environment and scope of this style. The so-called "secondary design" of clothing means this.

Color matching

Color and style are the two supporting points of design, and it is difficult to distinguish them in specific designs. Sometimes it's styling first and then color matching, and sometimes it's the color concept first and then matching the styling. The color design of overalls made by custom-made overalls does not require too many, no more than three at most, because too many colors will be a little complicated, and the overalls are simple and generous in style, which is convenient for employees to wear. The color of the company's customized work clothes is in harmony with the main color of the company.

Choice of fabric

Finally, there is the choice of fabrics. When customizing work clothes, it is very necessary to choose suitable customized fabrics. It is said that fabrics are the soul of a piece of clothing, especially work clothes, which are more commonly used clothing, which not only requires breathability, but also Wear-resistant, brief, generous design sense, so that employees can also improve work efficiency when wearing them.

2.What can unified customized workwear bring?

Establish the concept of equality

Now the gap between the rich and the poor makes people obviously feel pressure and low self-esteem. Therefore, uniform wearing work clothes can eliminate the unhappiness caused by wearing clothes, and at the same time put an end to the psychology of comparison, so that employees can focus on their work. Instead of wearing it.

Enhance employees' sense of belonging

Uniform clothing can increase group consciousness, make employees feel like living in a big family, and eliminate self-centeredness

Heart, lazy atmosphere, only companies with a stronger sense of unity can develop more long-term.

Establish company image

Wearing work clothes is not only a respect for the client, but also a sense of professional pride and responsibility for the wearer. It is a concrete manifestation of professionalism and joy in clothing. The uniform clothing can reflect the neat and energetic image of the company's employees, and it will also give customers a sense of trust.

Enhance work efficiency

Internally: All employees wear a uniform and distinct service to carry out their own work, busy, non-chaotic, and orderly, forming the centripetal force and cohesion of the company to encourage each employee to work hard according to the corporate philosophy and spirit.


Work clothes can show the identity of the wearer and should be distinguished from the so-called "blue collar, amount". Work clothes are also a reminder for "white-collar workers" to enter work. A lawyer, keeping his trousers straight and his leather shoes shiny is a guarantee of his trust in front of his client. A secretary with an elegant suit, fit and gentle, is a kind of courtesy to both the client and the boss.


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