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100% Cotton Fabric Poplin Fabric 40x40 110x70

A Poplin shirt gives a smart polished look, which makes it the ideal garment for office wear.
Product Description

Poplin Fabric Description

Weibaolai 100% Cotton Printed Fabric Parameter:

Item:100% Cotton Printed Fabric
Composition:100% cotton
Yarn Count:40*40
Finish:White, Dyed, Printed
Usage:Shirting, Uniform, Garment, Pants

1. What is Poplin Fabric?

Poplin fabric is medium weight, durable, and has a very fine ribbed texture. Perfect to create shirts, dresses, light jackets, and skirts, our poplin fabric is made of 100% cotton.

Poplin is a simple fabric, a plain weave of any fabric with transverse ribs, giving the material a typical corroded appearance. If the warp and weft are the same fabric, the fabric will feel very smooth.

2. How is poplin fabric made? 

Poplin was originally made of thick wool yarn and silk woven fibers. Cotton poplin is one of the most common fabrics on the market today. The resulting material is a thin and durable fabric that drapes well while retaining its robustness.

3. What are the main characteristics of poplin?

1.Smooth and even feel. 

The flat and tight weave of poplin means it feels smooth to the touch, as opposed to the uneven or ribbed feel of knitted fabrics.

2. Lightweight. 

Poplin is thin and light, making it a great choice for summer shirts, but it also tends to be translucent and usually requires lining.

3. Durable. 

Poplin is a strong fabric that can withstand washing machines or heavy wear. It can also maintain its shape quite well, making it wrinkle-resistant, so it is a popular choice for home decoration items such as upholstery fabrics, tablecloths and quilting.

4. Cheap. 

Poplin price is cheap to manufacture, making it a cheap fabric that can be purchased for plain weave or for clothing. Since poplin can come from many different materials, you can find it at various price points. Polyester poplin is the cheapest, and silk poplin is usually the most expensive.

5. Easy to dye and print. 

Poplin has a good effect on dyes and printing. It is a versatile choice for various colors and printed clothing, from polka dots to plaid to printing.

4. What is cotton poplin fabric used for?

1. Shirt cloth. Poplin is the most common shirt fabric, from casual shirts to more formal men's shirts and button shirts. In cool climates, silk poplin shirts are popular; in warm climates, cotton poplin fabrics are standard.

2. Lightweight, airy clothing. Poplin is light and thin, whether it is a breathable top or airy pants, it is a great choice for summer clothing. .

3. Female clothing. Poplin cloth has light, airy folds, which means that cotton poplin dress look very elegant and suitable for summer.

pajamas. Poplin is smooth and comfortable, making it an ideal fabric for home wear such as pajamas.

5. Our Product Quality:

1. Raw material

Virgin polyester from Sinopec

Best cotton from USA, Australia

2. Dyeing quality

We have well-cooperated professional dyeing factories with OEKO-TEX certificate.

3. Quality control

Experienced QC in every dyeing factory to guarantee the order’s quality and lead time.

4. More size

100% cotton fabric Poplin Fabric 40x40 133x72

Poplin Fabric Application

T-shirt fabric image presentation:

home textile fabric

cotton fabric for t shirt

This fabric can be used for shorts, men's and women's shirts, school uniforms, garment, pants, etc. You can also use it for different purposes according to your own needs.

Poplin Fabric List

Shirting Fabric list

CompositionYarn CountDensityWidthWeight
CVC 60/4045X45110X7657/58”100GSM
CVC 60/4045X45133X7257/58”110GSM
CVC   55/4545X45110X7657/58”100GSM
CVC   55/4545X45133X7257/58”110GSM
T/C   65/3545X45110X7657/58”100GSM
T/C   65/3545X45133X7257/58”110GSM
T/C   80/2045X45110X7657/58”100GSM
T/C   80/2045X45133X7257/58”110GSM
100%   COTTON40X40110X7057/58”110GSM
100%   COTTON40X40133X7257/58”120GSM
100%   COTTON60X6090X8857/58”70GSM
100%   COTTON80X8090X8857/58”55GSM
100%   COTTON60X60110X11057/58”80GSM

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Hot Issues:

1、Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Yes, we are manufacturer.

2、How many years have you produce shirting fabric?

We focus on the production of shirting fabric since 2004.

3、What’s your MOQ? Can I order small quantity?

Usually our MOQ is 3000meters per size per color. We can also accept small orders.

4、 Payment terms?

We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union payment.

5、How long is your delivery time?

Generally it is 7-10days if the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

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