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Poplin Fabric Guide: Explore The Look And Feel Of Poplin

Apr. 29, 2021

Poplin Fabric Guide: Explore The Look And Feel Of Poplin

Broad cotton, crepe, rayon, spandex-there are many types of fashionable fabrics on the market, each with its own history and characteristics. Poplin is a fabric woven with tight plain weave, and its material feels smooth to the touch.

What is poplin fabric?

Poplin fabric is a plain weave fabric, which means that it is woven in a simple over and under pattern (as opposed to more complex, textured weaves used to make satin and twill). Poplin, sometimes called plain weave, has a tight weave of very thin warps and thick wefts. Poplin can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton fabric and cotton blend, silk poplin, polyester poplin and polyester blend poplin, and Lycra stretch poplin.

poplin fabric

What is poplin made of?

Poplin was originally produced in Avignon, France in the 15th century. The term "poplin" traditionally refers to a fabric made of silk warp and woolen weft. Nowadays, poplin is made of various materials, including cotton, silk, polyester, lycra and so on. To make poplin fabrics, manufacturers use very thin warp yarns (longitudinal yarns fixed on the loom) and thick weft yarns (yarns woven above and below the warp yarns).

5 characteristics of poplin

Smooth and even feel. The plain weave and tight weave of poplin means it feels smooth to the touch, while the knitted fabric has a rugged or ribbed feel.

Lightweight. Poplin is thin and light, making it a good choice for summer shirts-but it tends to be slightly transparent and usually requires lining.

Durable. The poplin fabric is very strong, can withstand washing machine, and can withstand heavy wear. It can also maintain its shape quite well and make it wrinkle resistant, so it is a popular choice for home decoration items such as upholstery fabrics, tablecloths, and quilting.

Cheap. The production cost of poplin is very low, so it is very cheap to buy ordinary poplin or make clothes. Since poplin can be used in many different materials, you can find it at various price points-polyester poplin is the cheapest, and silk poplin is usually the most expensive.

Easy to dye and print. Poplin makes good use of dyes and prints, making it a universal choice for different colors and printed clothing, from polka dots to plaid to floral print.

How does the poplin feel?

Poplin is a plain weave fabric that feels smooth and even to the touch. It is also very light, with a light, airy fold.

4 uses of poplin

Poplin fabric has many uses, including:

Shirt cloth. Poplin is one of the most common shirting fabrics, from casual shirts to more formal men's shirts and buttons. In cooler climates, silk poplin shirts are popular; in warmer climates, cotton poplin fabrics are common.

Lightweight, airy clothing. The lightweight texture of poplin makes it a great choice for summer clothing, from breathable tops to breathable pants.

Women's clothes. Poplin has a light, airy fold, which means that poplin dresses will look very flowy and suitable for summer.

Pajamas. Poplin has a smooth texture and is comfortable to wear. It is an ideal material for casual wear such as pajamas.

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